Plaster Primer

Soft Wax 

Fired Earth Soft Wax is a quality protective, velvet lustre in combination with Fired Earth Chalk Paint on walls, furniture, floors & effects for creative & inspiring finishes.  

Apply Fired Earth Soft Wax in thin, even coats. This will ensure even drying and result in an even sheen when buffing.  Apply two thin coats. Best results are achieved when, buffing after waiting 8-12 hours or preferably overnight. For more information, refer to the in-store Fired Earth Chalk Paint, Wax & Decorative Product Effects information & colour brochure or visit for detailed information. Not recommended for wet working environments. Test on a small area first. 

Fired Earth Soft Wax dries to an elegant natural velvet matt finish. This versatile protective wax has many uses on new or old furniture, wall, floors and most surfaces. Always test on a small area first. For a distressed finish, rub lightly with 250-300 grit sand paper after applying Fired Earth Soft Wax Clear, then wax again. For a more distinctive aged look apply Fired Earth Soft Wax Dark over the Clear Soft Wax and finish by buffing and removing excess wax on decorative textured brush marks.

Available in 350ml