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Front Door

Fired Earth Front Door Paint (High Performance, High Build Brilliant Gloss Enamel) is a durable solvent based high quality premium enamel finish. It has excellent application properties, adhesion, water UV and all weather resistance for exterior and interior doors and or other substrates.  It is meant for application to both primed new work and sound previously painted areas.


  •  Brilliant gloss, gloss retention & film build – very washable film
  • 7 year guarantee when applied as specified                                      
  • Abrasion, stain, steam and water resistant                        
  •  Available in an inspirational  range of colours                                   
  • Excellent adhesion & slip properties
  • Mar & scratch resistant
  • Water clean up
  • Lead free

This product will cover approximately 8-10 m² /l per coat depending on the type of substrate and the surface porosity. 

BRUSH APPLICATION: Brush application is suggested as an ideal form of application where a glossy film is obtained. The paint has  excellent brush ability and levelling. Paint supplied at 75-80 KU viscosity when applied at normal wet film thickness of 75 microns gives two coat hiding. Over coating time is 24 hours. Paint when applied too thickly can sag and requires a longer overcoating time. Second coat, if applied before the recommended over coating time can cause wrinkling or crazing of the film. It is the responsibility of the applicator to ensure appropriate application.. 
SPRAY APPLICATION: (Spray viscosity: 18-25 seconds, Ford Cup 4 at 23°C. This will give 40-60 microns wet film thickness per coat). Spray viscosity can be achieved by suitably diluting 100 ml paint with 25-35 ml of a quality E-Thinner. Over coating time is 24 hours. Higher spray viscosity will give an orange peel like effect and a thicker wet film which may take longer to hard dry. Over-spraying on a vertical surface will result in sagging or curtaining of the film. For more information call our consumer help line. 
ROLLER APPLICATION: Use a quality short pile enamel roller for oil based paint and varnishes. Super fine enamel roller produce thin film up to 40 microns which require 3 coats for complete hiding with an over-coating interval of 24 hours minimum. Coarse enamel rollers will produce a wet film of up to 75 microns which requires 2 coats for complete hiding with an over-coating interval of 24 hours minimum.

Surface dry in 6 hours. Refer to the application section.  For more information call our consumer help line.

Clean all tools (brushes & rollers) while wet with Mineral Turpentine after use.