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Metal Primer

Fired Earth Metal Primer water based is a  high quality pigmented  anti-corrosive primer for prepared clean, grease free, dry  mild  and galvanized steel.  It has  excellent adhesion, water, chemical, and corrosion resistance for  protecting metal and then being able to over coat with a range of Fired Earth decorative top coats. 


  • Excellent corrosion protection 
  • Excellent adhesion &  hiding power 
  • Excellent, no mess easy application properties
  • Can be coated with a wide range of Fired Earth decorative top coats
  • Available in a range of standard colours
  • Lead free
  • Water clean up

This product will cover approximately 6 to 8 m² / litre per coat depending on the type of steel, substrate profile and the surface porosity. 

Touch-dry:  4 - 6 hours. Over coating time:  16 hours.


Clean all brushes, spray equipment & rollers while still wet with clean water after use.

Available in 5L

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